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If you’re looking for pure essential oils in NZ, we have a range of products for you to choose from.

Buying only therapeutic grade is vital to get the full aromatherapy benefits for you and your family.


There are two options to purchase dōTERRA oils in NZ:

Why Buy Wholesale?

Getting 25% of all you oils is the most popular option as you can save a lot of money. In order to qualify you must sign up for a dōTERRA wholesale membership. This membership has a small $35 fee and you get a free peppermint oil valued at $34. You will get 25% off all your purchases for 1 year with a wholesale membership.

Why Buy Retail?

Even f your planning on buying only a few oils it’s still better to go with a wholesale membership as the savings quickly add up. Not many people choose the retail price option but if you want to try out the oils and don’t want to sign up this is the best option. Click on the link above to purchase with retail prices.

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(Tea Tree)

Black Pepper
Cinnamon Bark
Ylang Ylang
Wild Orange
Roman Chamomile


The Benefits Of Using Oils in The New Zealand climate

A lot of people search for essential oils NZ and go for the cheapest option. Often these oils are not the same quality as better products so you need to do some research to get the best value.

Essential oils can provide you with soothing, a lift to your mood and even healing. Before you rush into buying or completely discredit them you need to look at the benefits they have to offer. The properties offer a range of benefits that you should know about to ensure that you use them correctly.

Relaxation And Sleep

One of the best and well-known benefits of aromatherapy is that they can help you relax and sleep. There are several methods that can be used to get this great benefit. You could add them to a bath before you go to bed or you could use a diffuser. A diffuser is one of the most commonly used methods because they can be turned on at any time.

When using oils for relaxation and sleep you should ensure that you are using the correct ones. We recommend using lavender, chamomile and clary sage.

Elevating Your Mood

These products do not only offer you relaxation, they can also help boost your mood. When you de-stress you are going to be in a better mood already, but you can also increase your energy levels with essential oils. There are times when you want to eliminate stress, but you do not want to completely relax and this is something they can help with.

The best oils to use for elevating your mood will be jasmine, rose, sweet orange and sandalwood. A lot of people will also use vanilla to create a peaceful environment.

Ward Off Illness

No-one likes being sick and aromatherapy can be a great way to ward off certain illnesses. Colds and flues are the most common illnesses that oils can help with. They have anti-microbial properties which will attack the airborne pathogens which make you ill before they get to your body. Many essential oils will also work as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial which will keep the germs away from you.

Essential oils will also help to boost your immune system. Of course, the benefits to the immune system will vary depending on the person. The best oils to use will be tea tree, grapefruit, thyme and lemon.

Helps Your Breathe Easily

The New Zealand climate can be harsh at times. If you have become ill then you can use a diffuser to clear your airways. Clogged airways can be helped with the anti-inflammatory properties of certain oils. If you are prone to breathing issues or allergies then you should also look at these products as they could help you.

If you need help with breathing you should use a diffuser. This will introduce the healing particles into the air. The best oils to use will be eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon.

Pain Relief

When looking at pain relief the anti-inflammatory properties will help with this. To help with pain relief you should look at applying them directly to the skin. However, you should note that you have to dilute them first as undiluted essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin.

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