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Earth Zen Wellness is one of the few suppliers who offer up to 55% off all oil purchases and can provide free wellness consults in home or online to discuss the best essential oils for your needs. Click here to book a free online consultation to discuss the discounts available and the importance of choosing the right oil.

There are two options to choose from when joining dōTERRA:


55% off
55% off


Full Price
Full Price
  • No discount
  • Retail Price
  • No Yearly Fee
  • No Free Oils

We are based in beautiful Ohope Beach, New Zealand. We travel to Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch for consultations.

Here at Earth Zen Wellness we use only dōTERRA oils as they are certified pure therapeutic grade. We specialize in only quality oils as they have the best aromatherapy and therapeutic benefits.

Earth Zen Wellness has a range of oils and products available to purchase. We provide you with all the knowledge needed to begin using and benefiting from oils in your home. Understanding the benefits and uses of each oil is essential to getting the most out of your purchases.

We understand the importance of using dōTERRA correctly and have wellness classes on the uses and benefits for all our clients.

dōTERRA is the one of the fastest growing natural wellness companies in the world as they source only certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. They also have a wide range of natural products to choose from so you can enjoy a healthy way of living.

We have a range of aromatherapy diffusers to choose from.

We offer online options to purchase oils and products. Click either the ‘book free consultation’ or ‘retail’ link below to begin searching the dōTERRA oil marketplace or to have a friendly chat with us.

Earth Zen Wellness is New Zealand’s premier essential oil website. We are located in beautiful Ohope Beach, Bay of Plenty the sunshine capital of NZ. We provide only certified pure therapeutic grade oils so you get the full health benefit for you and your family.


Price: $42.00 or $30.00 Retail (Save $10.00)


Joining dōTERRA with a wholesale membership is the most popular option in New Zealand. For small fee of only $35 you get $25 off all oil purchases and a free peppermint oil valued at $30.

Starting off with a home essentials kit is a great option as the enrollment fee is waived and all the popular oils are included. The cost of the kit is cheaper than buying the oils individually.